Global Careers Service

Considering an MBA is frequently motivated by a hunger for professional advancement both within and beyond your current employment circumstances.

Manchester Business School recognises the importance of career progression and aims to deliver a careers service that supports you to achieve your aspirations. Employers are interested in your background as well as what you might achieve on the MBA. It is the unique combination of both that will set you apart from other talent in the market.

There is every reason to get started with your career thinking from day one. The journey to success starts with who you are and what strengths, values and interests drive you. Reflecting on this self-evaluation is the very first step and certainly one we would recommend that you take early in your study time. No matter what your career ambitions, understanding more about who you are will help you to perform more successfully at work and beyond.

The Global Careers Service provides you with considerable online, face-to-face and personal support

Catering for the busy lifestyles of today's international executives, the Global Careers Service will be available both through our online student portal and face-to-face through our international executive centres. This blended approach allows students to access the Global Careers Service wherever they may be in the world.